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The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas

Southampton, NY

Annette Hinkle (Sag Harbor Express) said There are some true standouts in this cast, particularly diLorenzo who has an amazing singing voice (read the full article here)...Dawn Watson (Southampton Press) wrote The lead and absolute standout performer of the show, Valerie diLorenzo plays Miss Mona Stangley...with such poise and professionalism she could easily be selling fine chastity belts instead of, well, you know. The powerhouse singer also knows when to rein it in, specifically in her showstopping song, “I Will Always Love You.” As it has been sung by icons...expectations were high...but the tears rolling down this reviewer’s face at the end proved that Ms. diLorenzo did it more than justice. (Read the full article here).

“Midnight Masquerade”

(a cabaret sta
rring Joe Bachana at The Metropolitan Room)

Roy Sander (Bistro Awards) had this to say...Another of the evening's assets is singer—I'm tempted to stay in that era and say songstress—Valerie diLorenzo, who joins in a couple of duets and does two solos. With a robust voice and presence and a life-embracing spirit, when she sings a song, it has done been sung...

And Rob Lester (Cabaret Exchange) said...Nostalgia reigned supreme, optimism and sweetness fought cynicism, and came up
the victors....also on hand, and deserving of a big hand, for a few numbers is Valerie diLorenzo, similarly glowing and on the same page from the past.  The audience-pleasing band is led by Barry Levitt.  In the audience, and then coming up to sing and play a tune --- and steal the show --- was Mr. Bierman, age 101!  These folks know how to sell a song and bring a whole lot of smiles.  And we can all use a few of those. 

"Solid Cast lifts Centre for the Arts Annie"

The Morning Call, PA

Dave Howell

"...Quakertown's Centre for the Arts on Main can only help you escape your troubles for two hours, with a neatly done show based on the venerable 'Little Orphan Annie' comic strip..."Annie" is a bit short on plot, so it is lucky that this production has a solid cast...diLorenzo is wonderfully comic as the slatternly Miss Hannigan. She delivers a showstopping, believable version of 'Little Girls.'

"Strong Mama Rose Propels Gypsy"

The Baltimore Sun Times, MD

J. Wynn Rousuck,

Although the main character Gypsy is named for stripper Gypsy Rose Lee, the main character is actually Gypsy's mother. A production doesn't stand a chance with a strong Mama Rose (the archetypal stage mother), and at Theatre on the Hill, brassy Valerie J. diLorenzo is definitely a strong presence. She badgers, cajoles, pushes and, perhaps, most important, belts out her songs with gusto.

“Let TOTH Entertain You with its Version of Gypsy”

The Carroll County Times, MD

Garth and Catherine Baxter

Theatre on the Hill (TOTH) was at peak performance for the opening of "Gypsy" last Friday night. The musical, based on the life of Gypsy Rose Lee, is a well paced variety of songs, dancing, comedy and drama. Valerie diLorenzo was superb as Mama Rose. She is a polished comfortable performer who is capable of both comic and serious roles. She is also a strong and confident singer.... Everything about this production was good, particularly the casting...the show is excellent and highly entertaining.

“Blood Brothers One of Theatre on the Hill's Best-Ever Offerings”
The Carroll County Times, MD
Joan Prall

Without a doubt, "Blood Brothers," a musical drama by Willy Russell, is one of the best-ever offerings of Theatre on the Hill...the superb cast of characters on this mainstage is such a good one...diLorenzo gets top honors for her precise dialogue and strong singing.

“Blood Brothers G
rips The Audience”

Baltimore/Mt. Airy Gazette, MD

Kate Tufts

From the opening scene to the final curtain call, the audience for "Blood Brothers", making its area premier at the Theatre on the Hill in Maryland, was mesmerized by this modern-day spin on "The Prince and the Pauper." Not your typical, light summer fare, the musical "Blood Brothers" asks the audience to think, to predict and to lay blame. Not a single character leaves the stage unchanged....

New York actress, Valerie diLorenzo, truly shines in her role as Mrs. Johnstone. When she takes the stage, she takes the stage. Her presence captivates the audience and she adds warmth and passion to her role. Training as a cabaret singer has certainly not hurt diLorenzo either; she can really belt out a song. Her version of "Marilyn Monroe," which she sings at least 3 times, is so bittersweet, yet upbeat, the audience could have enjoyed it three more times....a compelling theatre experience.

“Shakespeare's 'Comedy of Errors' at its best: outdoors, fast, good, free”
The Journal News, NY

Jacques LeSourd

Even in a small part, such as that of Valerie diLorenzo who plays both Solinus, the duke who condemns Aegeon, as well as a hilarious courtesan, this production boasts strong actors who understand what they're doing.

"On Stage, Finding a Premise for the Absurd"

The New York Times, NY

Alvin Klein

Actually, there is a benevolent seventh (character), a policeman, no dummy, welcomely arriving near the end of the second act - not soon enough, but in time to bring in a fresh voice and handcuffs, to put the play to rest and walk off with the acting honors of the occasion. It is important to note that Valerie diLorenzo gives that enlivening no-nonsense, no-dummy cameo performance.

"At Fleetwood Stage, a Farce to be Reckoned With"

The Journal News, NY

Jacques LeSourd

For its season finale, Fleetwood Stage offers this rich dessert, without holding back on the calories. Playwright Nelson Sheeley, offers a well-oiled machine for making people laugh...And kudos to Valerie diLorenzo for her funny, tough-talking cop.

"Too Short Run For 'Oliver!' Robs Many of a Zesty Time"

The Allentown Morning Call, PA

Geoff Gehman

It's a shame PYT's Oliver! Was open to the public only one week. Child and adult missed a production that's as thoughtful as it is colorful, as athletic as it is touching. Refreshingly and somewhat miraculously, it's devoid of the glam or ham that could easily make Lionel Bart's splashy translation of Dickensian economics literally grueling. Virtually every scene had a happy combination of gusto and sensitivity...

As Nancy, Sykes' hopelessly loyal main squeeze, Valerie diLorenzo was a wonder. Whether singing in tandem or by herself the cabaret/revue specialist sounded charismatic and true, avoiding belt, wobble and other Broadway/opera hitches.
She remained in character while vocalizing taking care to marry gestures with notes. I'd love to hear her taking on the National Anthem, most singers' Waterloo...

“Split Level Company”

The Journal News

In this production of Stephen Sondheim's "Company", Valerie diLorenzo finds the essence of a street-smart gal who is appropriately tough, especially in her solo, "Another Hundred People," which she delivers with precise articulation, phrasing and power as a nearly detached narrative on humans in the asphalt jungle.

“Green Mountain Guild Opens New Musical Cabaret”

The Killington Times, VT

Ted Pendleton

The Green Mountain Guild's new look for its 25th Anniversary Season is smaller, but no less talented. The company of five performers sing selections from the Kander & Ebb repertoire in "And The World Goes Round." One of the best things about Cabaret performances is that a lot is left to the audience's imagination. And the company of singers - (including) Valerie diLorenzo... - feed the mind's eye gloriously. While two of the women, diLorenzo and Hodos, clearly stand out, each performer provides a particular strength. The songs by diLorenzo including "Arthur in the Afternoon" are all full of energy.

“'Littlest Angel' an exercise in youth and competence”

The Allentown Morning Call, PA

John Flautz

It's fitting that Bethlehem's newest public entertainment facility should open with a musical play about a happy, benevolent community. In the Littlest Angel, PYT has chosen a play aimed at children and cast it with appealing and highly competent adults...Valerie diLorenzo plays an Understanding Angel who talks like Bill Clinton sharing your pain but actually does help with problems. She's the primary adult vocalist and she makes the songs sound better than they actually are.

“The Big Leagues - Valerie diLorenzo on Her Diamond Gig”

Show Biz, NY

Tom Stefanchik

For most of her gigs, Valerie diLorenzo, a cabaret singer, works in cabarets. But she also does other shows, including some in front of huge crowds. They aren't concerts. On those days, diLorenzo arrives at Shea Stadium an hour and 15 minutes before the ball game begins. Read the full article here - The Big Leagues Article.pdf

"Meet the Blonde Belter who Serenades the Mets"

City Pulse, MI

Ute Von Der Heyden

There are times, says Valerie J. diLorenzo, when she'll sing a song "right to your face." Or she might treat a concert hall like her own living room, telling stories and including the audience in the show. Sometimes, as local audiences will soon find out she just likes "to belt out a show tune." Read the full article here - CityPulseArticle.pdf