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  1.         Bernie Bierman, Composer -

My beloved friend, Bernie Bierman, regretfully passed away in 2012 at the age of 101 - a truly wonderful man, gifted musician and a dear friend.  To know him was to love him - He will be missed. 


  1.         Alan Radom, Retouching & Photography -

I am blessed with some amazing friends and Alan is one of them. With more than 20 years experience in retouching and imaging, he is now becoming an artist behind the camera.  Great friend, great talent.

  1.         Mark Ruhala, Director, Choreographer, Triple Threat -

What can I say about Mark?  A longtime friend, brilliant performer and creator.  We have collaborated on many projects together in many capacities.  He runs this amazing arts center in Michigan.  Always inspiring, one of my biggest champions and a pretty cool guy.


  1.         Takeshi Asai, Pianist & Composer -

Takeshi is a lovely man and a gifted musician.  We worked together a few years ago and he is really good at what he does.  Take a listen.

  1.         Carroll County Arts Council -

This is where my dear friend, Sandy Oxx, works as Executive Director.  She has devoted her life to the arts - as a patron, administrator and performer.  Our synchronistic friendship has spanned decades.  And I love that she works in Westminster, MD - a  very special town.

  1.         Visual Feast Design -

Jim Kempster designed my original website and I am deeply grateful.  Another talented artist and designer, he remains a dear friend and one of my favorite people.

  1.         Feminique -

Visit here to learn about this other very important, very wonderful part of my world :)

sancho sempre...

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